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Price List for cleaning services

After receiving the inquiry form, we prepare a quotation for cleaning services within 24 hours.

Tenements - regular cleaning
- up to 5 floors, staircase type from 1000-1600 CZK/month

- over 5 floors, staircase type1600 CZK/month
- panel-houses, staircase type from 600 CZK/entrance/month


Example :
Regular cleaning of a 4 floors Apartment house in Prague                                                                                 already from 1500 CZK/month

Regular cleaning of 6 floors Panel-house with three entrances in Prague                                                                             already from 3200 CZK/month

Offices, Shops, Commercial spaces - regular cleaning                                                
- up to 1000 sqm ground area:0.90 - 2.90 CZK/sqm/cleaning
- up to 2000 sqm ground area:0.70 - 1.80 CZK/sqm/cleaning
- above 2000 sqm ground area:0.50 - 1.25 CZK/sqm/cleaning

* Prices of other tasks
(eg. mechanical treatment of floors, burnishing, polishing, etc.)         95 - 230 CZK/h.

regular weekly office cleaning to 100 sqm
(kitchen cleaning, vacuum-cleaned carpets, emptying bins, removing dust from the vertical and horizontal surfaces of furniture)                                                                                  2000 CZK / month

The prices are final. We are not VAT payers.


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